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1. Selbstorganisation im Château by Nicolas Siepen for 31 Magazine, Switzerland, Oktober 2006

Selbstorganisation im Château
Erfahrungsbericht aus dem Innenleben des PerformingArtsForum (PAF)

Als ich von Jan Ritsema und Bojana Cvejic Ende 2005 zum Gründungstreffen des PerformingArtsForum (PAF) nach St Erme eingeladen wurde mischte sich in die Freude auch Sorge. In den Monaten davor hatte ich eigentlich beschlossen, meine Aktivitäten in solchen Gruppenprojekten eher zu reduzieren, als etwas Neues zu beginnen.

lawrence weiner

contre toute métaphore. plus je lis le recueil d'écrits et d'interviews et plus la définition canonique de la métaphore devient floue pour moi... en fait comment battre en breche la métaphore avec des signes? l'action n'est elle pas le seule moyen. une action peut elle être métaphorique?

The Mattress

In pop culture lore, mattresses are infamously used as savings accounts — repositories of cash squirreled away, stuffed out of sight. Performing Art Forums’s mattresses represent the bedrock (pun intended) of what PAF provides: a bare minimum of comfort and care in a space receptive to its inhabitants.


It’s back… but differently. Really. Summer University has been many different things over the years. It’s been a long time. Now we’re going to do it differently again.

We will do it for three weeks with no assigned themes, but one programme to hold all disciplines, formats and wishes together. There will be a number of things running each day and at any one time and Sundays will be off.

PAF Morocco @ Les Figuiettes

PAF is happy to announce PAF Morocco @ Les Figuiettes.

Les Figuiettes is a large house built and designed patiently over the years by its owners, Cecile and Nordine, who now want to make it available to artists as PAF. We will run a pilot period in 2014/2015 to evaluate whether PAF Morocco will become a permanent annex to PAF or whether this is a temporary project.

List of guests PAF in 2013

Harry Hütt, Tallinn, 1/1-31/1(wum)
Dmitry Paranyuskin, Moscou, 1-9/1
Diego Agullo, Madrid, 1-9/1
Audrey LeBlanc, Paris, 2-5/1
Paula Caspao, Paris, 3-6/01(wum)
Stephanie Barbier, Paris,3-6/1
Sophie Wolfson Keeling, Sydney, 3/1-10/2(d)
Alex Jackson Wyatt, Sydney, 3/1-7/1(d)
Roos Pollman, Amsterdam, 3-27/1
Betty Tchomanga, Paris,7-11/1
Muriette Nuquet, Paris,7-8/1

SCHOOL FOR STUDY: 6-10 May 2013

'Organisation Studies: the 2013 residential seminars'
Hosted at the Performing Arts Forum
St Erme, France

May 6-10, 2013

Dramaturgy online

Dramaturgy is an online resource databank for dramaturgs and theater practitioners. You will find information on books on performing arts theory and videos of performance artists.

Dance and Cross Art Collaboration, 9-17 July, Findhorn, Scotland

Dance and Cross Art Collaboration, 9-17 July, Findhorn, Scotland:

Bodysurf Scotland in partnership with Dance House present
Dance and Cross Art Collaboration
9 days of interdisciplinary workshops and performances,
9-17 July 2009, Findhorn, Scotland

Workshops for Artists of all Disciplines
Dance | Theatre | Music | Street/Circus | Design | Writing |

Calling all Up-and-Coming Actors, Models, Singers, and friends!

A Premium SMS service providing tailored SMS notifications for upcoming Auditions, Open Castings, Modeling Calls, and other Positions Vacant in the Entertainment and Performing Arts industries.

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