It’s back… but differently. Really. Summer University has been many different things over the years. It’s been a long time. Now we’re going to do it differently again.

We will do it for three weeks with no assigned themes, but one programme to hold all disciplines, formats and wishes together. There will be a number of things running each day and at any one time and Sundays will be off.

To see what is happening on which days of the SU, view the full programme here:

This may change between now and August, so check back.

This wealth of propositions will form the skeleton of our experiment in a fractal university, and all participants are invited to add their interventions on site in a more or less impromptu manner.

Prices to attend the Summer University are as follows:

Stay: For individuals 18€ per night per bed if you stay more than 5 nights; otherwise 20€ per night.
Food: 15€ per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
Event fee: 7€, regardless of length of stay.
PAF Membership: 12€ per year.

There will be an excellent team of cooks who have generously offered to coordinate the kitchen, but they will need help from all of us.

We can only accept payments in cash or French cheques, so bring it along (there is an ATM in the village).

Write to with the dates you would like to attend. PAF is still operating at a reduced capacity, so book early.

Per quest’anno, non cambiare… come to PAF

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