PAF has implemented several measures regarding COVID-19, which we ask you to read carefully. Some of those come as rules, others as collective responsibilities.


PAF is based in St Erme, 150km north-east of Paris, France, between Reims and Laon.

Repair Week 3, 15th - 21st May

Repair Week 3

Once again you have a chance to join in the fun, the glory, and the bonding that is: PAF Repair Week! Yes, surfing on the good vibes of the two previous events, we are happy to invite you to volunteer for PAF Repair Week 3 from May 15th to May 21st!

Announcing the Make It Possible Fund!

PAF is excited to announce a new initiative: the Make It Possible fund (MIP).

The Sensing Salon: Experiments in Entangled Existence ** 18-23 July 2022 @ PAF

The Sensing Salon expands existing ideas of art by recalling the healing arts; it is a studio for the practice of healing arts. Healing, as much as art, is a praxis. It is something to do and it does something: it restores.

** As Below So Beyond ** Elsewhere & Otherwise 9 ** June 24 - July 03, 2022

******* all bodies possible and welcome *******

once a year we live together…
… and the conversation continues, meanders, intensifies, mutates,
as our relations too are spreading, dispersing, falling together and apart.

PAF's sister residency MASSIA calls for participation in FO.R.E.ST - Forum for Radical Ecology Studies

FO.R.E.ST - Forum for Radical Ecology Studies
Calling For Participants For The Opening Season
6th March - 17th April 2022

MASSIA, in Estonia.

FO.R.E.ST is an experiment in learning together outside the educational industrial complex, self-organized by an urgent need for socio-environmental transformation. It seeks to expand environmental studies with modes of activism and social practices that acknowledge the capacity of all of us to agitate for transformation with our participation in the world.

Deeply Organized Chaos ** Workshop piloted by Manuel Eguia ** 07-13/07/2022

Deeply Organized Chaos

Getting into the Swing of Simplicity and Complexity

Workshop piloted by Manuel Eguia in the framework of the L.I.F.E.
Project conducted at PAF by Gabriel Catren

July 7th - 13th 2022 @ Performing Arts Forum


In March 2020, PAF had to close its doors. After a period of global uncertainty, we carefully reopened in the summer. Since then PAF has proven to be a covid-safe, and pleasant place for work, thanks to its abundance of facilities.

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