PAF has implemented several measures regarding COVID-19, which we ask you to read carefully. Some of those come as rules, others as collective responsibilities.


PAF is based in St Erme, 150km north-east of Paris, France, between Reims and Laon.


In March 2020, PAF had to close its doors. After a period of global uncertainty, we carefully reopened in the summer. Since then PAF has proven to be a covid-safe, and pleasant place for work, thanks to its abundance of facilities.

SPRING MEETING 2021, 28 September – 3 October: Intercessors, ventriloquists, thieves, anon. On Art’s Divestment of the Self

IMPORTANT! If you wrote us an email and your stay hasn't been confirmed via contactpaf@gmail.com, your spot is not reserved and you should contact us ASAP. Since the announcement went out in July 2021, we have had a change of guests (see below).

This gathering, originally planned for SpringMeeting 2020, now takes place in two parts: the first this autumn, and the second in April 2022. In the many months since we began this undertaking, the themes have lost none of their relevance. Can aesthetic practice divest from the self? If so, how? This is an invitation to abandon, mediate, forge and falsify selves.

[CANCELLED ] Deeply Organized Chaos ** Workshop piloted by Manuel Eguia ** 20-26/09/2021

Deeply Organized Chaos -Getting into the Swing of Simplicity and Complexity

(in the framework of the L.I.F.E. Project conducted at PAF by Gabriel Catren)

September 20th - 26th 2021 @ Performing Arts Forum

PAF's sister residency MASSIA calls for participation in FO.R.E.ST - Forum for Radical Ecology Studies

FO.R.E.ST - Forum for Radical Ecology Studies
Calling For Participants For The Opening Season
6th March - 17th April 2022

MASSIA, in Estonia.

FO.R.E.ST is an experiment in learning together outside the educational industrial complex, self-organized by an urgent need for socio-environmental transformation. It seeks to expand environmental studies with modes of activism and social practices that acknowledge the capacity of all of us to agitate for transformation with our participation in the world.


August 2, 2020 (19-21h CET time):
Potential History – Unlearning Imperialism (Ariella Aïsha Azoulay)

August 16, 2020 (19-21h CET time):
Potential History – Unlearning Imperialism (Ariella Aïsha Azoulay)

August 30, 2020 (19-21h CET time):
Blackness, Nonperformativity and Indigenous Thought (Fred Moten, Zoe Todd)

September 13, 2020 (19-21h CET time):

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