PS V (a darktongues, kunning (poetics (& the occult))) ~ with Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh & Rebekah Sheldon ~ 9-14 March 2017

To devise an impenetrable expression, one need not compose an entirely new word. It can suffice to alter those already present in the language.
— Daniel Heller-Roazen

There are many conceptual corridors beneath the question of secrecy (those of delirium, cruelty, hallucination, whispering, doom), just as there are many shapes that secretive formations can assume (underground societies, forbidden aristocracies, rebel cadres, cult gatherings, urban gangs, martial arts orders, avant-garde movements, mystical or magical circles), just as there are many expert practitioners of the secret (the visionary, the liar, the sorcerer, the thief, the seducer, the assassin). All are instrumental to the larger cipher; all are necessary.
—Jason Mohaghegh

The most temporary membranes serve as shelter.
—Lisa Robertson

This PS, philosophy goes dark. It is time to explore a stubbornness of a different kind. Poetics and philosophy both hold pacts with secrecy but each has a different way of biting its tongue. Philosophy as project, poetry as form, and language as a constitutive constraint perpetually in tension with worlds, are wracked by ‘problems’ of obfuscation, ellipsis, encryption and ambiguity. With no desire to solve the puzzles of writing’s occultation, we propose a drift into the entanglements of poetics with techniques of camouflage, dissimulation, decryption, secretion, compression, and alliance. Over the four days of the event we will flirt with the prospect of losing ourselves in a sustained, headless excursion into a ,kataphysical nightside of thought.

9-14th March 2017 Thursday eve to Tuesday morn

Things begin with dinner on Thursday evening and end with breakfast Tuesday morning. We propose to gather together to think-with poems, aphorisms, sexts, txts, paratexts, code, recipes, scores, spells, numograms, indexes, etcetera. The event will be partially facilitated by Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh & Rebekah Sheldon who will help catalyze our thought throughout the weekend and feed the broader dialogue. On Monday, we will connect the occurrences of the previous three days with an open discussion. Let us see where a weekend-long conversation takes us...

Practical Information:
Staying up to 4 nights: €20 per night Staying more than 4 nights: €18 per night Plus €12 for yearlong membership
Food will be collectively organized at €10 per full day, so €50 if you join for the entire event.
Email PAF ( with the dates you would like to attend.
Anyone who cannot come for the full event or would like to stay longer is welcome to do so.

We hope you can join us in March at PAF for these discussions.
&, as always, you are welcome to spontaneously add things to the program.

Amy Ireland, Lendl Barcelos, Ben Woodard, Matt Hare, Katrina Burch

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