Winter Update Meeting: 26/12/2015 - 4/1/2016

PAF warmly invites you to the 10th anniversary Winter Update Meeting, bringing an open conviviality together to form an exclusive community during nine days of recreation, conversation, cooking, sharing, togetherness and social activities.

Conviviality without content is this years devise. Instead of working towards something WUM emphasizes what can develop out of aimlessness, shared contemplation, engagement for no particular reason, specifics ways of being together without any other motive than the necessity to continue. This is not a matter of just having fun but rather an opportunity to explore the boundaries of artistic, social and political production in a society whose foundations are changing and where being together without aspirations is becoming more and more rare.

PAF acknowledge the importance of ending a year with a moment of reflection, evaluation, inner calm and unbounded contemplation. This years WUM wish to function as a few days of finishing a chapter, coming to an end and a recharging

WUM is a saloon rather than a theatre exercise, a good book rather than application hysteria, conversation rather than “Publikumsbeschimpfung”, ordinary rather than spectacular, coming along rather than critique, together rather than yoga class, a winterly promenade rather than dance class, somebody offering a short-story rather than reading group, I’ll put on extra jumper instead of showing muscle, a stay in bed instead of going jogging.

Still it is of course up to each and everyone what’s important. PAF don’t judge but make it possible for activation in all thinkable ways. Our time together implies an attempt at different kinds of progressive self-organization with no smaller ambitions than to ask questions that require new words. Individual and collective proposals can take place next to showing, screenings, listening or why not bring people together for a shared tête-à-tête about something curious.

As usually our chefs will electrify the kitchen, underlining also the social qualities of cooking, eating and doing the dishes.

The kitchen is one of those places where we don’t need to but can.

PAF is currently in a process of transformation. After ten years it is time to rethink what PAF can be, how the house and the community is maintained and how its people are made happy. A healthy moment of transformation that started a year ago this year’s WUM will continue with further discussions. Everybody is invited to be part of forming the future of PAF which is in our hands, the hands that use and care for PAF.

During the WinterUpdateMeeting participation in meals is binding. Total costs per participant are 35€ per day (18€ per bed/room and 17€ for three meals including wine, coffee). Membership (12€) is obligatory due to insurance reasons, valid for one year. You can stay for a longer or shorter period.

It is with great happiness and warmth that PAF welcomes you to WUM, a moment of being together in order to change what we can do.

Limited number of participants.

Reservations: Valentina Desideri - Jan Ritsema at