Spring Seminar Now Running, note schedule changes

Aaron Schuster started up this years Spring Meeting on the 2 April with an extra ordinary talk where Delueze and Lacan seemed to run hand in hand towards the future leaving Badiou, Zizek and Hallward behind. Schuster's opened the session with a recollection of Kleist's writing on talking as a mode of thinking and the necessity of an address, opening a path where Kleist somehow function as a symptom for Freud. In short it was a great opener in the now famous Peakcock studio that this time collected some forty people. Out here at PAF the sun is shining and the community are up with the sun.
We are now looking forward to follow Aaron deeper into the turmoil where Gilles meets Jacques remixing them with levitation, squids and the curious life of W.R Bion, before we move on together with Randy Martin direct from New York.

Unfortunately we have to announce a late rearrangement of the schedule which is that Reza Negarestani will talk on the 5 and 7 April (instead of 4 - 5 April). We hope this will not create enormous inconvenience but that we can meet up with Reza at 11.00 on Thursday and Saturday. On the 8 April Luciana Parisi coming in from London will attack us with computation aesthetics and algorithmic neo-liberalism.